BlackRamMeet The Black Ram fuzz.  It’s familiar, but a little different.  Want to cut straight to the video?

We get our hands on things like vintage BMPs pretty regularly.  One day a broken Rams’s Head V2 muff showed up.  After getting it running again, we realized it sounded really cool, and unlike what we expected.  So we blueprinted it and cloned it.  A few “broken” component values, combined with NOS transistors selected for their rarely-occurring gain levels, and we’ve re-created a monster fuzz.  It’s loud as hell and a little unruly, with a more aggressive, midrange-y sound than we usually associate with a muff.  The gain and tone controls both sweep through surprising amounts of usable territory.

The Black Ram is true-bypass, has both a 2.1mm center-negative 9v jack and an internal battery clip, and comes with a 2-year warranty to the original purchaser against defects in manufacturing and materials.  MSRP is  US $229.00

The Black Ram is available at Chicago Music Exchange and Indy String Theory